Summit Natural Health Centre is a full service naturopathic and chiropractic clinic located in Islington Village on Dundas Street in Etobicoke.  From allergies to digestive and skin problems to chronic pain and fatigue and everything in between, we can help with anything that concerns you.  Healthcare can be comfortable – let us show you how.


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We can help

We treat any health condition, and provide preventative care programs for improving your health, slowing age-related changes, balancing your immune system, eliminating inflammation, stress reduction and managing health risks associated with conditions common in your family.

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Teamwork makes the difference

Janet McKenzie, ND

Jennifer Lau, DC

Aileen Tolentino, RMT

Mike Fuhr, RMT, CST

Our clinicians are licensed practitioners.  We have expertise with all the natural remedies and treatments you might need: acupuncture and Chinese medicine, chiropractic, herbs and botanicals, clinical nutrition, CranioSacral Therapy, electrotherapy, Graston Technique, heat therapy/cryotherapy,  homeopathy,  hydrotherapy, Kinesio taping, massage therapy, Myofascial Release Technique, NeuroKinetic Therapy, percussive/vibration therapy, trigger point therapy, and more.

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See The Whole Picture

We believe you can and should use conventional healthcare and natural healthcare together.  We believe our services provide great value.  We encourage you to learn more. You are welcome to book a free 20 minute discovery session with any of us to share your interests or concerns and discuss how we would approach your care.

Summit practitioners are committed to … working with the starting point you define and customizing your treatment plan according to your preferences and tolerances. We consider comfort, convenience and cost as guiding principles to develop plans tailored to the goals you defined.  [More] “

Why wait to feel well?  Let’s get started now by booking your discovery session.

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