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  • Are cell phones a health hazard?

    Is there any health hazard caused by sleeping with your phone near head? Apart from discomfort if you lie on it, or disrupted sleep if it rings, no, at least as far as is known right now. Concerns about the possible effects of electomagnetic fields have not been substantiated conclusively through research so far. That... Read Mor […]

  • Vitamin Supplements: Worthless or Essential?

    Not too long ago experts were urging us to take vitamin supplements since we don’t get enough nutrition from the foods we consume. Now the latest studies claim that supplements do nothing for our health. What are we to believe? Citing results from studies without providing the actual context for the studies doesn’t prove anything.... Read Mor […]

  • Unhealthy Health Foods?

    What is the least healthy “health food”? This question immediately gives rise to some others: Healthy for whom? What is the definition of “health food”? The idea that something can be “least healthy” is based on an assumption that nutritient needs are the same among people, and consistent within individuals. But people can have unique... Read Mor […]

The latest recipes from Eating For Health:

  • #NeverGiveUp

    It’s never too late to be what you might have been. – George Elliot […]

  • The Cholesterol Puzzle

    “I have heard that they have found that high cholesterol has no link to heart disease and that clogged arteries are from inflammation and not cholesterol levels. Is this true? Can I stop or reduce my cholesterol drugs?” I’m sure this seems like a straight-forward question but from a medical perspective, it is not. The... Read Mor […]

  • Banana Oatmeal Blender Pancakes

    Click the image to enlarge it. This is stomach-warming comfort food that can get any weekend off to a perfect start! Make extra to reheat during the week and top them with peanut butter for added protein. banana oatmeal cinnamon maple syrup coconut o […]