Counseling, Stress Management and Biofeedback

Did you know “You are what you think”?

Research is helping us to understand the power of the mind-body connection.

It’s true.

Scientific research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology has helped us to better understand the connection between the mind and the body. Because of the strength of this connection, naturopathic care integrates counseling techniques, stress management and biofeedback with other forms of treatment when indicated.

Stress management will focus on helping you integrate approaches to manage workloads and expectations, and biofeedback helps you become more aware of your physical responses to stressful situations.  As you become more sensitive to your body’s cues, you can respond more quickly to manage the situation in favour of your health.

Counseling is like coaching; it builds on your strengths and helps you acquire new skills.  Naturopathic counseling is usually short-term but proceeds at the client’s pace and preference for duration. Goals for change in behaviours and feelings are identified. Clients learn how feeling states influence their physical symptoms and vice versa; they learn how to become more aware of problematic habitual thoughts and how to reframe those thoughts in more healthy ways. Gradual change in mental patterns can result in long term improvement in overall health.