Asbestos: An Indefensible Export

Ever since its link to cancer and lung diseases was established, asbestos has been in the news on a recurring basis.  Recently, concerns have been raised about why Canada continues to engage in the trade of this dangerous substance.   Why did it take so long to raise suspicion?  

Flying Pigs and Affordable Healthcare

Whenever healthcare costs come under scrutiny, there seems to be a coincident increase in the number of “concerns” expressed by the conventional medical community about natural or traditional (read “less expensive”) forms of healthcare.  I don’t think that’s a matter of happenstance.

Celebrities, Addiction, Gratitude and Health

Cory Monteith’s death from a drug overdose has resulted in a stew of sadness inside me as I think about the role celebrities play in our society as symbols of things with which we all struggle. In the case of Mr. Monteith, the struggle was with the health issue of addiction and the knots of…

“Better Living Through Chemistry”: The Dark Side

My beloved science is now seeming like a Jekyll and Hyde monster as issues like the over-medication of children, turning conditions into diseases to justify pharmacological treatment and the impact of non-renewable fuels on food security come to the fore.