Treat your condition, effectively

We treat most conditions, and provide preventative care programs for improving your specific health condition, slowing age-related changes, balancing your immune system, eliminating inflammation, managing health risks associated with conditions common in your family, and stress reduction. Many of the conditions we treat are chronic and painful. We know what it’s like to live with…

Licensed, Regulated, Professional

Licensed Clinicians, Regulated Practitioners Because we take our professional responsibilities very seriously, this point bears repeating: our licensed clinicians are practitioners of regulated health professions.  We deliver safe, effective care that is based on your needs and goals.  Visit the following sites for more information about licensing requirements: CONO – College of Naturopaths of Ontario…

Healthcare costs concern everyone in some way.  We know that and strive to make our services affordable. As a result, our services offer great value as an investment in your good health. Summit practitioners are committed to working with the starting point you define and customizing your treatment plan according to your preferences and tolerances….

Flying Pigs and Affordable Healthcare

Whenever healthcare costs come under scrutiny, there seems to be a coincident increase in the number of “concerns” expressed by the conventional medical community about natural or traditional (read “less expensive”) forms of healthcare.  I don’t think that’s a matter of happenstance.