Inositol (Vitamin B8)


Inositol, sometimes referred to as Vitamin B8, is a vitamin-like substance that supports our health by acting as a signalling and messenger molecule involved in:

  • insulin regulation
  • the regulation of calcium ions within cells
  • the breakdown of fats and production of cholesterol

Because inositol can be synthesized by our bodies from glucose, it is not considered to be an essential nutrient, and is therefore not always listed as a vitamin. Because inositol is not an essential nutrient, there is no recommended daily intake level.

People who might benefit from a higher intake of inositol include those with mental health conditions such as OCD and panic disorder as well as women with PCOS.

Inositol is not considered to have any significant interactions with medications, herbs, other supplements or food.

The most bioavailable form of inositol is myo-inositol, and this is found in high concentrations in fruits (especially cantaloupes and oranges), beans, grains and nuts.