Safety and Supplements


The question:

“I’ve been taking Omega 3 and Magnesium capsules for the past two weeks and my quality of life improved greatly. Is it safe to continue taking them?  To be more specific, I’m taking 1 capsule of Magnecalm which contains: Magnesium – Vitamin B 1,6,&12 , and 1 capsule of 900 mg Omega 3 EPA/DHA. I’ve experienced an improvment in memory and my mood swings went away. Overall my quality of life greatly improved. Is it safe to continue taking them?”

My response:

Safety can be dose-dependent; you have not disclosed how much of the ingredients are in Magnecalm and since there is more than one product using this name, I’m having difficulty determining what your intakes are.

Excessive magnesium from supplements causes loose bowel movements and can impair absorption of other nutrients.

Excessive vitamin B6 – pyridoxine from supplements can cause peripheral neuropathy.

The amount of omega 3 you are taking is unlikely to cause problems, however, it would be simpler to just eat cold water fish a couple of times per week, and ultimately it would be better for you to get all of these nutrients from food sources, unless your doctor has advised that you need supplements.

This website provides excellent information on food sources of nutrients, if you’re not sure what to eat: The World’s Healthiest Foods

This post originally appeared on Quora.