If you try to live an active lifestyle and eat a healthy diet, you are already using natural healthcare to be #healthybynature.

Summit Natural Health Centre is a clinic in Islington Village that can support you by providing therapies such as acupuncture, massage, and naturopathic medicine. We’re located in the west Toronto suburb of Etobicoke on Dundas Street between Islington Avenue and Kipling Avenue.

We believe you can and should use conventional healthcare and natural healthcare together.  

Natural healthcare focuses on diet and lifestyle, and uses carefully selected treatments to augment your results.  Everything we do at SNHC can be integrated with treatments prescribed by other healthcare practitioners, including those of your family doctor.

We try to make our environment and approach as comfortable as your favourite chair when providing programs for improving your health.

Our licensed clinicians are practitioners of regulated health professions. We deliver safe, effective care that is based on your needs and goals.

Our treatments are supported by research that shows they are helpful. Therapies are delivered at the pace and intensity that suit you.

Acupuncture is an ages-old form of treatment that has persisted because it works, and there is research to substantiate that claim.

Massage therapy is a natural therapy that gets used in many types of medicine. Our RMT will assess what type of treatment you need.

Naturopathy includes many forms of treatment such as botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, and nutrient supplementation.


5133 Dundas St West, Etobicoke, ON M9A 1C1

Phone: 416-236-7642

Email: [email protected]