Fruit Overdose

How much fruit is too much?  For example, is it unhealthy to eat 4-5 pieces of fruit a day all at the same time, as an afternoon snack? 

The accurate, but unsatisfying, answer to this question is “It depends”.

It depends on the kinds of fruit you choose, and whether you eat them alone or in conjunction with other foods.  

Fruits contain sugars (fructose and sucrose), which can cause spikes in blood sugar (glucose).  Most fruits also contain fibre. The presence of fibre slows the digestion of the sugars. Eating fruits with other foods can blunt the impact of the sugars from the fruit on your blood sugar.

It depends on your health, and whether or not you have conditions that might make it advisable to avoid certain kinds of fibre and/or abrupt changes in your blood sugar.  

If you have a problem with your weight or your blood sugar, limit your consumption to 2 fruits per day.  When you do eat fruit, choose those that have a lower impact (“glycemic load”), such as strawberries, plums, apricots and grapefruit.  You can learn more about glycemic load here:

If you have conditions that affect the digestive system, you might need to avoid certain kinds of fibre and/or abrupt changes in your fibre intake. Choose carefully with your doctor’s guidance to avoid symptom flares.

In conclusion, eating 5 pieces at one time might not be a problem if you are healthy.  In general, however, it still makes sense to think of fruit as “nature’s candy” and to consume it in moderation.