Integrated Healthcare: Medicine’s Future

Integrated healthcare is the next wave for the delivery of medicine.  

Natural healthcare focuses on the building blocks for health: diet and lifestyle, and uses carefully selected treatments to augment your results.  Everything we do at SNHC can be integrated with treatments prescribed by other healthcare practitioners, including those of your family doctor. We believe you can, and should, use natural and conventional healthcare together.

Why should I come to Summit Natural Health Centre?

There are three key considerations about working with Summit, and they all have to do with commitment.

Commitment To Integrated Healthcare
We are committed to integrated healthcare. We will not tell you to stop taking your medications or to drop any other form of treatment that you might be using. We will work with other practitioners to make your care as seamless as possible, and will even coordinate care on your behalf, if you wish.

Commitment To Better Health Through Client And Community Education
We are committed to fostering a deeper awareness and understanding of natural health approaches in our clients and our community. Every time you meet with us, you will learn more about how your behaviour helps or hinders your health.  You can also use Summit like a community centre to access resources to learn about natural ways of improving your health, without having to see a practitioner.

Commitment To Partnership
When you decide to work with a natural practitioner, you need to be concerned about “the fit” because your results will reflect the depth of trust you place in your practitioner.

Summit practitioners are committed to making that fit happen by working with the starting point you define and customizing your treatment plan according to your preferences and tolerances. We consider comfort, convenience and cost as guiding principles to develop plans tailored to the goals you defined. This is how we go about “Redefining wellness, together.”

If you’ve ever wondered what natual healthcare could do for you, now is the time to find out.  You are welcome to book a free 20 minute discovery session with any of us to learn more about how you could benefit from natural treatments.