Body Whispers, Warning Signs

The problem for me, and some of the other readers, was that the article presented these “warning signs” without much context. Sometimes a headache is just a headache. The key thing is figuring out if what your body is whispering to you is a passing complaint or a cry for help, and context helps you do that.

Stress Management: Burnout or Balance

It’s your choice. Burnout. Sometimes it charges into your life. Sometimes it sneaks up on you. Serious burnout results from the interplay of circumstances and personality.  Circumstances such as your job, financial and relationship stresses.  Personality factors such as ambition/drive, altruism, and degree of comfort in setting boundaries. Your health plays a role too, especially…

Prostate Cancer Screening: The Role of PSA Testing

Some experts advise that the PSA test should be dropped, others say it still has value.  Who’s right?  If we drop the test, does this mean that men will no longer be screened for prostate cancer?

Healthy Skepticism

For the sake of your well-being and peace of mind, I recommend you develop some healthy skepticism if you receive one of these alarming emails, even if it comes from someone you know or what seems to be a credible source.

Rx: Laughter

The following video got me giggling…I hope it does the same for you.

Things Happy People Do

Research has shown that people who consistently perceive themselves to be happy engage in certain behaviours on a regular basis that contribute to their happiness.  Adopting these behaviours can help less happy people change their state. Here is a list of some of the things happy people do: Express GratitudeWe all have wants and needs,…

Stress and Adrenal Fatigue

The Consequences Of Stress “Addiction” In the last article, you learned how stress can become “addictive”. In this article, you’ll see how stress addiction leads to a condition NDs call “adrenal fatigue”.

Are You A Stress Addict?

Are You Addicted To Stress? Stress is a fact of everyday life that can have more of an impact than we realize. Stress changes the chemistry of our bodies in ways that can have long term significance. This article looks at the physical changes induced by stress that can lead to stress “addiction” as well…